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Last Updated: Friday June 10 2011 13:29 GMT

Drought hits parts of England

Cracked riverbed of the Loire River near Ancenis, western France
The drought is worse in France

Parts of the East of England have been officially declared as being in drought meaning there hasn't been enough rain.

Farmers have been the worst hit as their crops are struggling to grow without enough water.

The drought is officially in parts of East Anglia, while areas of the Midlands, the South West and the South East are having big problems too.

But water bosses say at the moment, the lack of water is not likely to affect the supply to people's homes.

In parts of Europe, the situation's much worse.

Strangely, other parts of the UK have been having more rain than usual! Scotland has seen three times the average amount of rain this spring.

In the past, if there's been a long drought then there have been bans on using hosepipes and also campaigns to save water - for example, by reusing bath water on plants and in your garden.

Things aren't that bad yet, but parts of England could certainly do with a bit more rain.