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Last Updated: Thursday June 09 2011 12:36 GMT

Wayne Rooney's winng penalty spot nets over 6,000!

Wayne Rooney takes the penalty that seals the title for United

The chunk of pitch from which Wayne Rooney kicked the penalty to seal the Premier League title has been sold.

The small chunk of grass with a white dot in the middle went for over £6,000 at auction.

It was dug up from the Blackburn Rovers pitch by fan Eddie Maxwell after the 1-1 draw that saw Man United win the league.

Eddie said he asked the club for permission and all money raised will go to running his local footie team.

The penalty spot dug up from Ewood Park
The penalty spot was dug up at the end of the match and sold online.

It was Rooney's penalty kick from the spot that meant Chelsea had no chance of catching them at the top.

It's seen as a very important league title by fans of Sir Alex Ferguson's team because it was a record 19th and it saw them overtake Liverpool as having the most league trophies.

Knowing how important it is to United fans Eddie pounced and dug up to section of turf, then put it in a wooden border.

He says that the money it has raised will help run his amateur football team, King Edward FC, for "a good few years".


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