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Last Updated: Thursday June 09 2011 11:21 GMT

Usain Bolt reckons he's good enough for Man United

Watch the Lightning Bolt big himself up

Never mind being the fastest man on Earth - Usain Bolt reckons he's pretty tasty at footie as well.

In fact, he thinks he is so good he could one day play for Manchester United!

The Lightning Bolt says he fancies taking up footie when he retires from running, and that with the right training he could play at the very top.

He thinks because he's quick (no kidding) and has a few tricks, he could give defenders a tough time.

The world 100m and 200m champion is famous for being football crazy - and he just loves the Red Devils!

Having seen his runnning - here at Newsround we'd definitely rather be on the Lightning Bolt's side!