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Last Updated: Thursday June 09 2011 10:58 GMT

Arizona wildfire: Blaze spreading through US state

Burnt trees in front of smoke from the wildfires in Arizona, America

A huge wildfire in the American state of Arizona is now in its 11th day - and it's still getting bigger. The blaze has forced thousands from their homes.

Flames on the horizon in Arizona, America

The fire is being called the Wallow fire, named after the Bear Wallow Wilderness area where it's raging.

Satellite picture showing the wildfire smoke from space

This photo, taken by satellite by space agency Nasa, shows how the wildfire has spread. There are fears that the blaze could cut off electricity to hundreds of thousands of people.

Firefighers taking a break in Arizona, America

There about about 2,500 firefighters battling the blaze - drafted in from as far away as New York. Here they're taking a break.

Smoke from the wildfires in Arizona, America, billows across a road

The firefighters' work isn't being helped by strong winds which have been moving the flames five to eight miles per day.

Helicopter drops water over wildfires in Arizona, America

So far no-one has been hurt. Here a helicopter drops water over the fire. It's thought the blaze could have been started by an unattended campfire that was let to spread.

Man sprays his house with water to try to prevent the wildfires in Arizona, America

Here a man hoses his house down in the hope it will stop the flames taking hold.

People resting in an evacuation centre in Arizona

Thousands of people have had to evacuate the area - and more are being warned to get ready to leave their homes.