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Last Updated: Wednesday June 08 2011 06:08 GMT

Tree as big as a football pitch!

Oriental Plane, Corsham Court, Wiltshire

Experts searching for the UK's biggest tree reckon they've found the winner.

The tree, near Chippenham in Wiltshire, has spread to cover an area as big as a football pitch!

It's about 64m wide and it's so big its lowest branches rest on the ground. The experts looked at 200,000 other massive trees before choosing the winner.

The tree is an Oriental plane and was planted way back in 1760 by a famous landscape gardener called Capability Brown.

"Several trees rest their branches on the ground, but it's the most impressive of these and it's the most spreading tree that we know of," said Owen Johnson, from the Tree Register which did the survey.

"It extends in each direction with branches like elephant trunks snaking across the ground - it's a very confusing tree."

We reckon it sounds like it might be a pretty good tree to climb!