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Last Updated: Monday June 06 2011 11:26 GMT

PICTURES: New species discovered in Madagascar

boophis bottaeas

More than 600 new species have been discovered in the last decade on Madagascar. This one is a boophis bottaeas - a new kind of frog.

calumma crypticum chamaeleon

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, where this new type of chamelon has been found.

furcifer timoni

Experts have revealed that a new species, like this amazing-coloured chameleon, has been discovered almost every week since 1999.

furcifer timoni

But lots of them, like this furcifer timoni (it's another chameleon), are already under threat from the destruction of forests and plants.

Cork Bark Leaf-Tailed Gecko

New finds include 385 plants, 42 invertebrates, 17 fish, 69 amphibians, 61 reptiles and 41 mammals. This one looks like papier-mache, but actually it's a cork bark leaf-tail gecko.

Madame Berthe's mouse lemur

One of the most important discoveries is the world's smallest primate - the 10cm-long Berthe's mouse lemur.

boophis lilianae

This creature that looks like two frogs squashed together is actually two small tree frogs mating. They're boophis lilianae.