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Last Updated: Friday June 03 2011 06:17 GMT

RSPB garden wildlife survey wants YOUR help

A frog

A charity needs YOUR help - and all you've got to do is sit in your garden for an hour and keep an eye out for what's happening!

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' summer garden wildlife survey starts on Saturday.

This year it's aiming at finding out how creatures are coping with the dry weather.

It will focus on wildlife associated with water, such as frogs, newts and toads, alongside common garden birds.

The RSPB also wants people to check for blackbird, robin and song thrush chicks, which will help show how important gardens are for birds to breed in and whether the dry weather has had an impact on them.

Lizard quiz

The conservation charity is concerned about the effect the unusually dry spring has had on wildlife.

RSPB spokesman Richard Bashford said: "Since much of the UK missed out on the April showers and it has been mainly dry since, we want to highlight how important water is and how you can help birds and other wildlife thrive in such conditions."

To take part, people need to spend one hour during the week of June 4-12, counting the birds and the other wildlife that visit their garden and recording the highest number of each species seen at any one time.