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Last Updated: Friday June 03 2011 17:59 GMT

Did your family get any Olympic tickets?

Olympic Mascots

More than 250,000 people have missed out on getting tickets for the London 2012 Olympics.

About 1.8 million people in Britain and the European Union made bids for the 6.6 million tickets which were on offer. Everyone who was successful should know by 10 June.

We want to know if you think the Olympic tickets have been handed out fairly? Did you and your family get any tickets?

Perhaps you've got the tickets you wanted and are really happy? Or maybe you reckon that seats for the big events should have been shared out differently?

We asked what you thought about it all, see what people said.

Your comments

"Yes! I got tickets, I think they're for trampolining."

Charlotte, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"It's not fair, my friends down in Cork and Belfast got them but I didn't! I hope I get them next time round."

Adam, 9, Co. Donegal, Ireland

"No, I don't think my family have got any tickets. It is not fair how they hand them out!"

Emily, 10, London, England

"I didn't get any tickets but I think it will be much better if you just watch it on TV because then you can see everything!"

Rosa, 9, Bath, England

"I didn't get tickets and I really wanted to go. I adore the Olympics, and I am dreaming to be in them one day!"

Millie, 13, London, England

"We did not buy any tickets but hope to get some that are being sold back to 2012."

Laura, 9, Worcestershire, England

"It's actually unfair that the cycling gold medallist Bradley Wiggins, who hopes to compete next year, missed out and fears his kids may end up among the millions watching on TV rather than trackside in the velodrome, and that the mum of diver Tom Daley only had limited success with her application."

Aaliyah, 11, London, England

"I haven't got any tickets which is really unfair!"

Zoe, 9, Plymouth, England

"I have got tickets for swimming, so I am really happy!"

Francesca, 11, London, England

"Yes! We managed to get tickets to see the first football match of the games at Hampden Park in Glasgow!"

David, 14, Edinburgh, Scotland

"No I didn't!"

Tara, 7, London, England

"I don't know which tickets I got but at least I got a few, so I should be grateful that I got some unlike others who were not able to get any."

Dan, 11, London, England

"Me and my family wanted tickets to go but it was to expensive, so we are going to watch it on TV"

Jess, 11, Lake District, England

"My family didn't apply for any tickets, none of us was really bothered about going and it costs loads of money."

Katie, 3, North Yorkshire, England

"I don't know yet. I hope we do!!"

Emily, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"It's really unfair, I saw that one person got £11,000 worth of tickets, why couldn't they have done it fairly."

Charlie, 12, Surrey, England

"My family didn't get any. It is so unfair!

Yael, 12, London, England

"No we didn't, but I'll just watch it on TV."

Sophie, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"My family got some tickets, but we're not sure what they are for. I think we got around 10 to 20 tickets overall!"

Bethany, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"My family didn't apply for tickets because we had no chance of getting into the sports we wanted to because they're so popular!"

Polly, 13, Newcastle, England

"Our family are so excited! We got some, but we're not sure which."

Rowan, 9, Wiltshire, England

"NOOO! It's not fair! Lots of my friends at school have got tickets, but why not me?"

Jessica, 11, London, England

"My family got Olympic tickets. I can't wait til we find out what event we got! So excited!"

Sarah, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"I don't think they were handed out that unfairly! Anyway, you'll always find someone to complain about something!"

Lucy, 10, Preston, England

"Me and My dad applied for the tickets and we didn't get ONE!"

Ciara, 13, Berkshire, England

"I think the tickets have been dished out unfairly because everyone that I know that applied for the most expensive tickets got them. Why should the people that can't afford to spend thousands of pounds on tickets miss out?"

Helen, 14, Kent, England

"My family applied for athletics and football and we think we got tickets for the footy."

Tiernan, 11, Manchester, England

"I am very happy to get a ticket but I am very sad for the rest who did not."

Anas, 12, London, England

"Yes! We got tickets to see the diving and long jump! My family and I felt so lucky!"

Reegen, 11, Kent, London

"My family got tickets for the semi-finals of the Olympic football. I'm really happy and excited already!"

James, 13, Cheshire, England, England

"We were allocated tickets about a week ago for swimming. We are so excited because we know it's going to be memorable experience to never be forgotten. I think the tickets have been handed out fairly because it would be very hard to get tickets if they were selling them in the normal way, as they would sell out very rapidly. By using this scheme, everyone has had an equal chance of claiming tickets without worrying that they are going to sell out."

Will, 11, Somerset, England

"My family got tickets for the swimming, athletics, long jump and equestrian, oh and the football. I'm really excited but sad for those who didn't get tickets!"

Toby, 12, Cambridge, England

"I got tickets but I don't know what for. I feel sorry for people who didn't get tickets."

Hannah, 9, Surrey, England

"Luckily, me and my family did get tickets for the Olympics to see the rowing. Although I think it's unfair that so many people didn't."

Isobel, 12, Birmingham, England

"No! We can't afford them as we're going on a two-week vacation to Florida! Tell you what though, I'd much rather be in Disney World than a silly expensive event like this! I'll just watch it on TV! Simple!"

Amy, 10, Manchester, England

"I didn't get tickets! It's really unfair! Did any of you hear about that man who applied for four tickets to the men's 100m final only - and got them?!"

Zachary, 9, London, England

"My friend was going to take me and my brother to the Olympic Games, they put in loads of money but still got none. But we're going to go to London for the day just to experience the atmosphere of it all."

Alice, 11, Kent, England

"My family thought about getting seats for the horse riding, but to get seats that were good and for the hotel it would have cost nearly as much as a two-week holiday abroad!"

Elinor, 13, Conwy County, Wales

"No we didn't! It's completely unfair! My uncle managed to get tickets, so I don't see why it's always other people than myself and my family."

Laura, 14, Hertfordshire, England

"No I haven't. It's not fair!"

Gemma, 8, Liverpool, England

"I haven't got any tickets for anything, so I'm really unhappy!"

Helena, 9, London, England

"My family and I did not apply for tickets because we are not interested in sport, but I hope that everyone who did gets their tickets!"

Sarah, 10, Leicestershire, England

"Me and my family have got tickets for long jump, so I'm really happy!"

Sienna, 12, Surrey, England

"I haven't got any tickets, even though my family applied for swimming tickets. It's not fair!"

Wendy, 13, London, England


Amelia, 9, Hertfordshire, England


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