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Last Updated: Wednesday June 01 2011 12:56 GMT

Manchester United's winning penalty spot up for sale

Wayne Rooney takes the penalty that seals the title for United

The chunk of pitch from where Wayne Rooney kicked the penalty to seal the Premier League title, is up for sale.

Rooney secured the 19th title for United when he scored a penalty to equalise at Blackburn Rovers.

Since then, with a new pitch being put down over the summer, Blackburn fan Eddie Maxwell dug it up and is selling it on the internet.

He's got permission by the club to do so - and is going to give the money he makes to the footy team he plays for.

The online auction ends on 8th June.

Meanwhile, United have also revealed that Michael Owen has signed a new contract.

The striker was expected to leave Old Trafford in the summer, having only played 17 times during the season.

But having been on the bench for the Champions League final, he signed on to stay for another year.


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