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Last Updated: Wednesday June 01 2011 11:15 GMT

Adele cancels shows in US because of mega-sore throat


Adele has had to cancel a number of shows in America because she has a really really sore throat.

She has a illness called laryngitis, which gives you a swollen, sore throat and can make people lose their voice.

To get better you need plenty of rest, so Adele has had to call off four concerts in the US and Canada.

Fans who have tickets for the shows have been told to keep hold of them, and her tour across America is due to start again on June 4.

The singer is a pretty big deal in America, having sold a whopping 2 million copies of her latest album 21.

When she had to cancel the first show in Minneapolis last week, she wrote on her website that she was "truly devastated" and asked fans to "forgive" her.




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