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Last Updated: Tuesday May 31 2011 12:05 GMT

PICTURES: Crazy cheese chasers!

Cheese rolling competition

What's round, stinky, and can speed down a hill at faster than a grown man?

Cheese rolling competition

Cheese!? Check out these crazy shots of fast fromage from the second unofficial cheese rolling contest in Gloucester.

Cheese rolling competition

The official cheese chasing competition has been cancelled for the last two years after worries that the event was too dangerous.

Cheese rolling competition

But these fromage fans couldn't be kept away! Spectators watched as groups of competitors tried to catch a huge wheel of Double Gloucester cheese as it rolled down the hill.

Cheese rolling competition champion

23 year old Chris Anderson took the trophy of cheese champion after sliding to victory in three of the men's races.

Cheese rolling competition

Say cheese! 14 year old Jo from Wolverhampton won the women's race - she beat the Double Gloucester, but is she speedier than a Stilton?