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Last Updated: Friday May 27 2011 15:44 GMT

Water voles back in Trossachs

Water vole swimming

A project to bring back water voles to an area of Scotland where they hadn't been seen for 30 years is doing really well.

Close-up of water vole

The number of water voles in the Trossachs had gone down because of the loss of their natural habitat and being hunted by American mink.

Close-up of water vole

In fact the water vole is Britain's fastest declining mammal. Their population has gone down by more than 90% since the 1950s.

The Trossachs in Scotland

So three years ago some water voles were let loose in the forest area - and experts are really pleased with how they've settled in to their new home.

Water vole with ranger

Since the start of the project 1,000 water voles have been released - and the last few were let loose on Friday.

Water vole swimming

It's the first place in Scotland to reintroduce water voles - and it's hoped other similar projects will follow.