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Last Updated: Friday May 27 2011 12:01 GMT

Fishy find on Atlantic ocean island

Stone crab

These amazing sea creatures - including this huge stone crab - were found around South Georgia - an island in the southern Atlantic ocean.

Sea slug

It's part of the first big look at what lives around the island. Scientists were surprised at how many creatures they managed to find, including this sea slug.

Giant Isopod

This giant isopod can also be found around the island. Most of the creatures in South Georgia are rare and many live nowhere else on Earth!

Sea star

Here's a close-up of a sea star. The waters around South Georgia are some of the fastest warming on Earth...

Icefish looking at icefishes and all the other creatures there helps scientists learn how they're affected by changes to the climate.

Sea spiders

Look at the sizes of these two sea spiders - the European one is the small spider and the huge one is an Antarctic sea spider - which grows to around 30cm in length from tip to tip.

South Georgia

And this is where all the creatures live - South Georgia is near Antarctica and has lots of ice and glaciers.