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Last Updated: Friday May 27 2011 06:50 GMT

Comedy school for Press Packer Jack


Comedy tips from Press Packer Jack

Press Packer Jack goes along to special sessions for kids who want to be comics. He tells us about it:

"At CBBC you might think you're funny, but at the School of Comedy, we're way funnier!

The club started when two comedians realised that kids were much more funny than them.

At the class we do improvisation - when you do things off the top of your head - and then we get together and do some sketches to the class.

For anyone who gets stage fright it's really good as there are lots of supportive people and it's really good once you get into it.

Here are my top tips for being a comedian:

  • Be yourself
  • Don't care what adults think
  • Say the first thing comes into your head.


Jack, London

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