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Last Updated: Thursday May 26 2011 13:23 GMT

Baby meerkats on their first outing

Baby meerkat

Baby meerkats born in April have made their first appearance for cameras!

Baby meerkats

The three meerkat kittens, all female, live at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent. They are the first babies born to mum meerkat Tiggs, who's here in the photo with them.

Baby meerkat

The little animals are getting more and more confident and are now regularly coming out of their birthing burrow.

Tiggs the meerkat

Mum Tiggs was hand-reared by keepers when she was young because they were worried she'd catch the same illness that killed her sister.


Hand-rearing meant park keeper Richard would take Tiggs into his home and feed her every two hours with milk. Other keepers took it in turns "meerkat-sit" too.

Baby meerkats

Richard says: "After a difficult start in life Tiggs is a real success story and we are really pleased with the new arrivals, all of which are doing well."

Baby meerkat

Meerkats are pregnant for about 10-11 weeks. The eyes and ears of the babies are closed until they are about 10 days old.