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Last Updated: Thursday May 26 2011 07:24 GMT

Cheryl rumoured to have been dropped from US X Factor

It's rumoured Cheryl has been dropped as a judge on the American X Factor

It's being reported that Cheryl Cole has been dropped as a judge on the American version of the X Factor.

Two big showbiz websites in the US think she won't be taking her place on the panel - and will be replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

The show doesn't start over there until September.

Rumours suggest she's been dropped because American audiences couldn't understand her accent or that she didn't get on with the other judges.

So far the star's management have refused to speak about the story.

Some newspapers in the UK think that Cheryl has quit because she is homesick, and missing her friends and family back home.

Even though Cheryl is mega famous here, she isn't as well known in America.

Simon Cowell is launching the hit series for the first time in the US, and had chosen her to be one of the judges.