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Last Updated: Wednesday May 25 2011 16:14 GMT

Quiz: Pyramids

Pyramids Quiz

Is your head full of pyramid facts a plenty? Then try out this quiz...


1.) Question 1

Where in the world are pyramids found?

  1. Only in Egypt.
  2. Only in Mexico.
  3. In lots of countries around the world.

2.) Question 2

The Pyramid of the Sun is in * .

  1. Mexico
  2. India
  3. Egypt

3.) Question 3

Which of these is a place in Egypt very famous for its pyramids?

  1. Pisa
  2. Giza
  3. London

4.) Question 4

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the world's * pyramid.

  1. largest
  2. smallest
  3. only

5.) Question 5

How many triangular shaped sides does a pyramid have?

  1. Four
  2. Five
  3. It can vary

6.) Question 6

The pyramids of ancient Egypt were built for...

  1. ...funerals.
  2. ...shops.
  3. ...competitions.


  1. They are not just in Egypt - pyramids can be found in lots of other countries including Ethiopia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, India and Mexico.
  2. The famous Pyramid of the Sun is found in Mexico in North America.
  3. Giza is in Egypt and is very famous for its pyramids. It's not far from Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.
  4. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest pyramid in the world - it's now around 140 metres tall, though it was actually a little taller when it was built.
  5. A pyramid can have three or more triangular faces. Square pyramids with four triangular faces are very common, like the famous pyramids in Egypt.
  6. The pyramids of ancient Egypt were built for funerals, usually for royalty.

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