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Last Updated: Wednesday May 25 2011 16:03 GMT

Facebook founder wants to change site's age rules

Teenage boy on computer

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says kids under 13 years old should be allowed on the social networking site.

He wants to fight a law in America that stops anyone younger than 13 from using Facebook.

He reckons using Facebook can be educational and it would be good for kids to start using at a young age.

But some people worry that this could lead to more online bullying and think the current age rules help to protect children from being bullied.

You've been sending us your messages about this, and most of you think that you should be allowed on the site if you're under 13.

One year 6 class in a London school said that 24 out of 28 of them think the age limit should be lowered to 10.

They said: "Facebook helps us to be more responsible and safer on the internet as we can report people who send us an inappropriate message."

Charlotte, who's 13, says: "They might as well have no age limit because thousands and thousands of kids fake their age anyway!"

And a year 6 class at a school near Glasgow think it shouldn't be change: "There are still risks associated with chatting to people you don't know. People can pretend to be people that they are not and this can lead to problems."