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Last Updated: Tuesday May 24 2011 12:58 GMT

Glow in the dark mushrooms and other new species


Check out these new animal and plant species that have been discovered, including this creepy crawly cricket...

Pancake batfish

...and this pancake batfish - good name because it's flat like a pancake and the way it moves is like a walking bat.


This leech was found in someone's nose! It's less than five centimetres in length and has a single jaw and big teeth.

Jumping cockroach

A new species of cockroach that's got legs that are great for jumping - it means it can jump just like a grasshopper.

Monitor lizard

Argh! At almost two metres long, this fruit-eating monitor lizard was found in the Philippines, in Asia, and spends most of its time in trees.

Darwin's bark spider

Darwin's bark spiders have been found around rivers, streams and lakes. In one spot, a web was found that was 25 metres wide with at least 30 insects trapped in it.

Eternal light mushroom

These might look just like small mushrooms, but when it's dark...

Eternal light mushroom

...they look like this! The mushrooms have gel-coated stems that glow constantly, giving out a bright, yellowish-green light.

Bacteria found on the titanic

And even bacteria have made into the top new discoveries - one that was found on the wreck of the ship Titanic that sank almost 100 years ago.

A type of antelope called a duiker

This antelope was discovered in West Africa in a bushmeat market.

Underwater mushroom

And here's an underwater mushroom found in north west America. All of these new species are part of a top ten list Arizona State university, in America, put together.