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Last Updated: Tuesday May 24 2011 09:52 GMT

Gale-force winds batter Scotland and Northern Ireland

Emergency services tend to a car which has been trapped by a fallen tree near Dunblane, in Scotland

Gale-force winds have been battering the west coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland, causing big problems on the roads, ferries and trains.

Tens of thousands of homes were left without power as winds of up to 100mph helped to topple trees and bring down electricity lines.

At the height of the storms, Scotland's Forth Road bridge was closed and some trains had to be stopped on the tracks.

Weather forecasters are warning that more strong winds are on the way.

Two people were killed when trees fell on their cars - a man in West Dunbartonshire and a woman in Northumberland.

And in Northern Ireland, a passenger train was hit by a tree blown on to the track.