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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2011 07:20 GMT

Secret shark discovery in aquarium at sealife centre

Martin Sutcliffe holding a shark egg found in the ocean tank at Black pool Sea Life Centre and the egg close-up

Shocked staff at a sealife centre were amazed when they discovered something lurking in the tanks they didn't know about - a SHARK!

The workers at Blackpool's Sea Life Centre were baffled when two shark eggs were found in a tank - with sharks who usually give birth to babies!

Vets think that a small tropical carpet shark might have been added to the display, but no-one knew.

And because the shark likes lying still on the seabed, it hadn't been spotted.

Spokesman Martin Sutcliffe said: "The ocean tank is a massive half-a-million litre display with numerous dark nooks and crannies, and it is just feasible that a small shark could have stayed hidden."

They hope to find the female shark and move her to a smaller tropical tank with a mate.




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