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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2011 05:23 GMT

Quiz: Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Quiz

Want something meaty? Then get your claws into this quiz!

Red kite

1.) Question 1

What is a bird of prey?

Red kite
  1. A bird that flies.
  2. A bird that likes to play with other birds.
  3. A bird that pursues other animals for food.

2.) Question 2

If a bird of prey is "diurnal", what does it do?

Red kite
  1. Hunts in the woods
  2. Hunts in the night
  3. Hunts in the day

3.) Question 3

What do birds of prey have?

  1. Hook tipped beaks and sharp curved claws.
  2. No feathers.
  3. Large flat beaks.

4.) Question 4

Their claws are called * .

  1. gills
  2. talons
  3. fingers

5.) Question 5

What is another name for a bird of prey?

  1. Raptor
  2. Herbivore
  3. Reptile

6.) Question 6

* are NOT birds of prey.

  1. Red kites
  2. Pigeons
  3. Owls


  1. A bird of prey is a bird that pursues other animals for its food.
  2. If a bird of prey or another animal is diurnal it means it's active during the day.
  3. Birds of prey have hook tipped beaks and sharp curved claws.
  4. Birds of prey have sharp curved claws called talons.
  5. The name raptor is given to birds of prey.
  6. There are loads of different birds of prey. They include red kites, eagles, falcons, and even owls. But a pigeon is not a bird of prey.

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