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Last Updated: Thursday May 19 2011 17:09 GMT

Caterpillars take over park in Yorkshire

Ricky reports on the moth madness

YUCK! A park in Yorkshire has been invaded by an army of CATERPILLARS.

The creepy crawlies have taken over EVERYWHERE - railings, bins and trees.

Scientists think the bugs came to the Bradford park because there's loads of green stuff for them to eat. Then as the weather got warmer millions of eggs hatched at once.

The caterpillars will turn into Ermine moths and can't actually hurt you so the local council has decided to let them stay.

In a few weeks' time this park will be filled with LOADS of moths, unless something much worse happens first - the caterpillars get ill and burst.

The park contains about 40 trees and so far 15 have been stripped completely bare.

But the crowds of caterpillars will means a feast for birds and hedgehogs.

If you didn't know, all moths start life as a caterpillar, form a pupa in a cocoon, then emerge as a winged adult.

There are more than 2,400 species of moths in the British Isles.