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Last Updated: Friday May 20 2011 05:24 GMT

Leah on the trail of red kites

Leah on the trail of red kites

Leah on the trail of red kites

As part of her Wild Five series that's looking at UK animals in danger, Leah's been on the trail of the red kite, a bird that's making a comeback!

"Red kites have a wing span of nearly 2m and can see their prey from almost two miles away, but they're also birds of prey and that's what got them into trouble.

Red kite flying
Red kites can now be found all over the UK.

For years there were worries they would hunt farm animals for food. Because of that, red kites were shot and poisoned until they were close to being wiped out.

About 40 years ago there were only a few pairs in Wales - but none in England nor in Scotland.

Good news

Today there are more than 2,000. And everyone is really pleased that the population is growing so quickly. It's so good conservationists have repeated the project right across the UK.

Red kite
Birds of prey pursue other animals for their food.

Over the past few months I've been on the trail of beavers, wild cats, adders and bats.

I've seen how hunting and destroying habitats can harm animals and I've learnt about some fantastic projects to protect them.

Saving animals from extinction isn't easy, but these birds are proof, it's not impossible!"