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Last Updated: Wednesday May 18 2011 18:22 GMT

WATCH: Man tries to take PONY on TRAIN

Watch CCTV pictures from the station

What's this horsing around? A man was caught on CCTV cameras trying to get on a train with a pony.

Shocked staff at Wrexham General station watched as the man tried to get on the train with the white pony.

After a conductor refused him entry, the man returned to the ticket booth where he tried to buy two tickets - for himself and the pony.

The animal charity the RSPCA said it was concerned for the pony's well-being and was viewing the CCTV tapes.

It appears that later the same man and pony turned up at the accident and emergency unit at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, asking for treatment for the animal from doctor, but were turned away.