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Last Updated: Wednesday May 18 2011 16:14 GMT

PICTURES: Sonali reports on Lampedusa's child migrants

Sonali on the beach at Lampedusa

Sonali's on a tiny island in the Mediterranean that's at the centre of a big story. Lampedusa looks likes a holiday resort, but recently it's seen thousands of people fleeing unrest.

People arrive at Lampedusa

More than 30,000 people have arrived at Lampedusa in the past few months, to get away from violence in their home countries, such as Tunisia and Libya.

Packed boat arriving at Lampedusa

They've reached Lampedusa by taking perilous journeys for about four days on overcrowded boats that are often pretty shoddy.

A mother and her children wait in the port at Lampedusa after arriving from Libya

It's not just adults - there have been over a thousand kids too. In most cases the children have been sent on their own, without their parents.

Sonali at the place where boats are dumped

Although it's nearer to North Africa, Lampedusa is Italian so people hope they may be able to make a new life in Europe. Sonali went to see where the used boats are dumped.

People wait at the port in Lampedusa after arriving from their home countries

Here's some new arrivals waiting to be taken to a special centre. If officials think it would be too dangerous for them to be sent home, they're given permission to live in Europe.

Men board a plane to be taken back to their home country

But many others are sent back to where they came from. Here 30 men are being taken back to their home country of Tunisia.

Sonali, with Newsround's cameraman Darryl, watches as a plane takes off to take people back to their home countries

Sonali watched as a plane took off to take others back. Even though some people have made a dangerous journey to get here, it just isn't possible for all of them to make a fresh start.

Sonali with kids who live in Lampedusa

Usually about 4,500 people live here so when migrants arrive it can get crowded. Some local school pupils told Sonali their parents don't let them out because it's so crowded.