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Last Updated: Wednesday May 18 2011 07:13 GMT

Olympic torch journey around the UK revealed

Gold medalist John Edwards with the 1948 London Olympic torch

The first 74 locations on the London 2012 Olympic torch relay journey have been announced.

The route covers every nation and region in the whole of the UK and after starting in Lands End, the torch will travel 2,800 km.

Now the search is on for 8,000 people to carry the torch, the London Olympics organisers said.

The torchbearers will be chosen for being "inspirational" or for being "local heros".

Olympic mascots

Check out London's Olympic mascots

The good news is that wherever you are in the UK, the Olympic Flame will travel within a one-hour journey of 95% of people.

It will leave Land's End, Cornwall, on the morning of Saturday 19 May 2012 - the day after it arrives in the UK from Greece.

During the 70-day torch relay, it will visit towns and cities including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton and Dover.