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Last Updated: Monday May 16 2011 11:26 GMT

PlayStation Network back up and running


Good news for PlayStation Network users - the system's back up and running in the UK after being turned off for four weeks.

The network was closed on 20 April after hackers broke into players' accounts, stealing personal info.

Gamers are being asked to reset their passwords.

Loads of people tried to log on after the restart at the weekend - which meant the network had to be turned off for 30 minutes to clear the queue.

The network is being started up region by region - and the US and Europe is back online now.

It's thought about 100 million users had their details taken after the hacking attack on the PlayStation Network and the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) PC games network.

Sony is still looking into how the security breach was possible. The hacking is worrying because information from the accounts could allow someone else to buy an item using a credit card, even though it's not their own.

The games company says it has now put in "new and additional security measures" that would give users with better protection.