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Last Updated: Friday May 13 2011 16:34 GMT

Jedward: Spot the difference

Jedward: Spot the difference

We've seen them on the X Factor, Planet Jedward and Newsround, but which twin is John and which Edward?


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Jedward popped in to chat to Ricky and give him some tips on styling his hair. But which is which?

Ricky interviews Jedward
  1. Edward is on the right
  2. Edward is on the left
  3. Can't tell!

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Newsround's Leah LOVES Jedward. They interviewed her to see if she was a true super fan - but which is which?

Jedward interview Leah
  1. John is on the left
  2. Edward is on the left
  3. Can't tell

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Here they are in Germany, ahead of their Eurovision entry. And you know the drill - which is which?

Jedward in their hotel in Germany
  1. Edward's on the left
  2. Edward's on the right
  3. Can't tell

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Here's John and Edward Grimes again, sporting their trademark hair. So John or Edward? You decide.

  1. Can't tell
  2. John's on the left
  3. Edward's on the left

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The twins are excited here as they've found out they're in the Eurovision final. Can you spot the difference?

  1. Edward's on the right
  2. Can't tell
  3. Edward's on the left


  1. Ricky is asking Edward - on the right - about falling off stage during a concert
  2. John's on the left here. He's also 10 minutes older than Edward.
  3. In this picture Edward is on the right and John on the left
  4. Guys, it's John on the left.
  5. Edward's on the right in this picture.

Your Score

0 - 1 : Jedward fail!

2 - 3 : Jedward just OK!

4 - 5 : Jedward genius!