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Last Updated: Thursday May 12 2011 12:21 GMT

Kids drink donkey milk in Italian experiment


Children allergic to cow's milk are being given donkey milk to drink in an experiment in Italy!

A farm in Italy has been making the milk with their 700 donkeys and they've got lots of doctors interested in the practice.

One doctor has been studying donkey milk for years. She reckons it's low in fat, high in calcium and could even be used to feed newborn babies.

"This milk is very similar to human milk," Dr Monti explains.

It's not a new fad either.

As long ago as 460BC people used donkey milk for anything from snake bites to nosebleeds.

Ancient Greeks were said to feed it to their children, and it Roman times it was used as a cosmetic to soften the skin.

We wonder whether it'll catch on over here... glass of donkey milk anyone?!