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Last Updated: Friday May 13 2011 09:29 GMT

Earthquake in Lorca, Spain, kills nine

Earthquake hits Lorca in Spain

A big earthquake has hit the town of Lorca in southern Spain, killing nine people.

The magnitude-5.2 quake toppled several buildings on Wednesday evening. It came four hours after a first smaller tremor.

The Spanish town is preparing for the funeral of the nine victims which can't be held in the church because of earthquake damage.

Hundreds of people are spending a second night in tents.

Their homes were considered too dangerous to go back to.

It's the most serious quake in Spain for 50 years and it's not yet clear how many people were injured.

A little girl at a Red Cross emergency centre
A little girl at a Red Cross emergency centre

The earthquakes were felt over a wide area and there are fears that another big one could happen.

Spain has hundreds of earthquakes every year but most of them are too small to be noticed.