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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2011 15:52 GMT

Boy wears skirt to school in protest against shorts ban

Chris wearing a skirt to school

Boy wears skirt to school

A boy has worn a skirt to school in protest against the head teacher's ban on boys wearing shorts in the summer.

Chris, who's 12 years old, reckons that forcing boys to wear long trousers in warm weather is unfair because the girls get to wear skirts.

He thinks wearing trousers when it's hot is distracting and it means that boys don't concentrate as well in class.

Chris said: "We think that this discriminates against boys.

"I will march in a skirt with other boys waving banners and making a lot of noise.

"I will be wearing the skirt at school all day in protest at the uniform policy and addressing the assembly with the student council, wearing a skirt."


Kids in school uniform

School uniforms

"It's stupid because we have to wear specific coloured hair bands!"

Orla, 8, Hertfordshire, England