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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2011 16:00 GMT

Massive animal heads on show

Circle of Animals exhibition by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

There are 12 of these massive animal heads on show at Somerset House in London.

Somerset House, London

Each bronze head weighs 360kg - that's like 10 average sized 11 year olds!

Ai WeiWei exhibition in London

They're blown up versions of the traditional zodiac sculptures which were on a clock at a palace outside Beijing back in the 18th Century.

Ai WeiWei exhibition in London

They're part of an exhibition called Circle of Animals by a Chinese artist called Ai WeiWei.

A man takes a photo of one of Ai WeiWei's bronze animal heads

Ai WeiWei was arrested by the Chinese government over a month ago, and they haven't said where he is being held.

Workers put up a two-story-high black-and-white photograph of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei outside the Lisson Gallery in London,

Lots of British art galleries have been displaying his work because they don't want the world to forget about him. One writer said: "All you can do is keep his art alive."