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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2011 12:48 GMT

Fantastic fishy photos

Two gobies

Smile for the camera! This snap of two gobies - a type of fish - won the top prize at an underwater photography competition.

Pygmy seahorse

Here are some of the other winning pics. Look carefully to find a pink pygmy sea horse. These sea horses are tiny - usually no more than 2.5cm!

Web Burrfish

This web burrfish doesn't look shy of the camera!


Looking at the camera here is a nudibranch - also known as a sea slug - and it was snapped in Spain.

Frog at the surface of a lake

This frog is close to the surface of a lake, so its reflection looks pretty cool.

Blue striped cleaner wrasse cleaning an Emperor Angelfish.

This stripey fella is an emperor angelfish and was snapped in Fiji - an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, near to New Zealand and Australia.

Whale shark

Whale sharks like the one in this pic are the largest fish in the world - but should not be confused with blue whales, which are mammals, and are the largest animals in the world.


There are lots of types of jellyfish and they can be found in every ocean in the world.

Orange spotted filefish

This is an orange spotted filefish. Filefish are so named because they have skin a bit like sandpaper or a nail file.