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Last Updated: Wednesday May 11 2011 07:30 GMT

Lightning hits girl and leaves Harry Potter-style scar

Erin and her scar
Erin and her scar

A 10-year-old girl who was struck by lightning has amazed doctors by her speedy recovery.

Erin was hit through an attic window of her house in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, as she was watching the storm.

The strike left a Harry Potter-style scar on her shoulder and a red dot on her foot, but she was back at school the next day!

The chances of being hit by lightning are REALLY RARE, with only about 50 people being hit in Britain each year.

Her dad said he heard a massive crack, an explosion, and then a scream from Erin.

Erin went to hospital to be checked out and it looks like the lightning went straight through her.

Some people think her scar on her shoulder looks like lightning going across the sky, but Erin's been calling it "her lucky snowflake".

Her dad added: "Everybody we've spoken to, the doctors in the hospital, were just absolutely amazed, firstly by the pattern that was on her shoulder and about how healthy and fit she was pretty much just after it."