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Last Updated: Tuesday May 10 2011 05:36 GMT

Beaver-spotting in a canoe for Leah

Leah goes on the hunt for beavers

As part of her Wild Five series that's looking at UK animals in danger, Leah's been to Loch Linnhe in Scotland to see how well beavers brought over from Norway have settled in to their new home.

"Two years ago the Scottish Wildlife Trust got the green light to bring over a group of beavers from Norway to breed here.

Leah's Wild 5 series
Leah's been looking at five animals in danger in the UK

Beavers were wiped out from the UK almost 500 years ago. Loch Linnhe was their new home and my only chance to spot these night-loving creatures.

I was sitting in a canoe - it was pitch black - the stars were the only form of light.

But we didn't have to wait very long before the area was bursting with wildlife. There were loads of birds, a deer and even a frog taking a late-night swim.

But then we spotted a beaver - I was told it was a female and she was heading out on the loch to inspect her dams.

Tail slap

We had to remain completely still and not make too much noise. It was March so there was still a winter chill in the air and I was absolutely freezing.

Beaver in Scotland
One of the beavers released in Scotland in 2009

But it was worth the wait. It was amazing to actually see one in the flesh. She was swimming with such purpose.

But then the mood changed - she did something called a tail slap - which is when she smacks her tail on the top of the water. It's a sign that she wasn't keen on us being around.

SO we left her to it, but I have no doubt this base will be the perfect environment for beaver numbers to thrive!"