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Last Updated: Monday May 09 2011 15:17 GMT

Amazing video of endangered Sumatran tigers


Amazing video of Sumatran tigers

Animal charity the WWF has released a video of 12 endangered Sumatran tigers in an Indonesian forest that's about to be cleared by loggers.

The film, which was taken by a hidden camera shows, a mother tiger playing with her cubs.

The WWF reckons there are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and that these ones caught on camera are under threat from the loggers.

Palm oil and paper-making companies are cutting down trees in their habitat.

The video was recorded in March and April.

It's rare for researchers to see so many tigers at one time.

"That was the highest number of tigers and tiger images... we've ever experienced," said Karmila Parakkasi, leader of WWF's tiger research team in Sumatra.


WWF is one of lots of environmental groups who are campaigning against the forests there being destroyed.

It wants all companies which are planning to clear the land to change their plans, and to protect the areas where the tigers live.