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Last Updated: Monday May 09 2011 13:32 GMT

Rising Mississippi River brings floods to America

House in flooded area of Memphis in America

Lots of people in the city of Memphis in Tennessee, America, have been told to leave their homes as massive floods have swept across the area.

Man looks at flooding in his garden in Memphis in America

This guy, walking in his flooded back garden, had hoped the floods wouldn't get too bad. But the rising water levels meant he had to leave his home.

Local people travelling in a boat through their flooded neighbourhood in America

The floods are the result of heavy rainfall and rising levels of the Mississippi River - the largest river in North America.

Workers lay down sand bags to try and prevent flooding

These men in Memphis are laying down bags filled with sand to create a barrier and try to prevent the floodwater from spreading.

Houses and streets in floodwater in Missouri in America

Other states in America have been affected by the flooding too - here floodwater surrounds homes in the state of Missouri.

A house in the middle of floodwater in Missouri in America

And this building looks like it's stuck right in the middle of the water.

Lorry in Mississippi in America

Getting around is difficult and some people are having to travel across the water in small boats. This truck is having a hard time in flood waters in the state of Mississippi.