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Last Updated: Monday May 09 2011 05:45 GMT

Ducklings may need help, says RSPB charity


A bird charity is telling people to watch out for ducklings who may need some help at the moment.

Mum ducks can find it hard to make their nests in suitable places for their babies so can end up nesting in school playgrounds or back gardens.

The RSPB has had lots of calls from people worried about the ducks - some are even nesting on balconies!

The charity wants people to help the ducks and ducklings to safe places nearer water.

Adult ducks can fly but ducklings can't until they are about seven weeks old.

The charity says people can help the ducks out, for example by opening gates and clearing overgrown paths to allow those quite near to water to have an easier walk.

If the ducks are a long way from water then it might be necessary to catch the mother and her ducks and move them to a safe site.

You can get more advice from the RSPB website and should check with an adult before trying to help the ducks.