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Last Updated: Friday May 06 2011 16:19 GMT

Sheep quiz

Sheep Quiz

Try our baa-rilliant quiz!


1.) Question 1

A male sheep is called a ram - what is a female sheep called?

  1. Vixen
  2. Me
  3. Ewe

2.) Question 2

Small wired brushes called * are used to fluff wool

  1. wool cards
  2. baabaa
  3. scrub comb

3.) Question 3

What is adult sheep meat is called?

  1. Beef
  2. Mutton
  3. Venison

4.) Question 4

* sheep have all black head and legs.

  1. Dorset
  2. Suffolk
  3. Southdown

5.) Question 5

Which animal are sheep related to?

  1. Cows
  2. Goats
  3. Dolphins


  1. A male sheep is called a ram and a female sheep is called an ewe. Young sheep are called lambs.
  2. Small wired brushes called wool cards are used to fluff wool.
  3. Adult sheep meat is called mutton. Adult cow meat is called beef and deer meat is called venison.
  4. There are loads of breeds of sheep around the world and the Suffolk breed of sheep have all black heads and legs.
  5. Sheep are related to goats, but they are usually stockier than goats and male sheep don't have beards like male goats usually have.

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