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Last Updated: Friday May 06 2011 07:20 GMT

Baby spider monkey Estela thrives after being abandoned

Spider monkey Estela and keeper Jess McKelson

We thought you might go bananas over these CUTE pictures of spider monkey Estela. She was abandoned by her mum and has been raised by keeper Jess McKelson.

Spider monkey Estela

She was born in January in Melbourne Zoo, Australia, and has had to have round-the-clock care, including six bottles of special milk a day. She's doing really well now.

Spider monkey Estela

Spider monkeys usually live in Central and South America, from southern Mexico to Brazil. So what's Estela doing here? Oh, just hanging about.

Spider monkey Estela and her grandmother Sonya

She's being introduced to other monkeys, like her granny Sonya. Looks like time for some monkeying around.