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Last Updated: Friday May 06 2011 13:48 GMT

Scottish election: 'historic' victory for SNP

SNP leader Alex Salmond

It been called a "historic" day for Scotland as Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party have taken control of parliament in the local elections.

For the first time ever, the SNP is in complete control, having won over half the available seats.

They want to give Scottish politicians the say over everything that happens in Scotland and are likely to have a vote to see if Scottish people agree.

Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated the SNP's "emphatic win".

In England, the Liberal Democrats took a heavy punishment in the local elections, losing almost half their councillors in results declared so far.

The results of a UK-wide vote - called a referendum - to decide whether to change the way elections work will be announced on Friday evening.

Here's a round-up of other election results so far:

  • Labour are hoping to have the most politicians in the Welsh Assembly, but Plaid Cymru deputy leader Helen Mary Jones lost her place
  • The Lib-Dems have lost control of several councils in England, doing particularly badly in northern cities - with many or their seats being won by Labour
  • The DUP and Sinn Fein are expected to remain the biggest parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly