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Last Updated: Thursday May 05 2011 06:54 GMT

Sarah Jane Adventures end after Elisabeth Sladen death

Elisabeth Sladen

TV bosses have said there are no plans to film any more episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures after the death of Elisabeth Sladen.

They said the six episodes recorded before her death in April WILL be broadcast as a tribute to her later in the year on CBBC.

Elisabeth Sladen died of cancer aged 63. She had starred in four series of the popular CBBC series, from 2007.

After her death Newsround viewers sent in thousands of tributes to her.

Elisabeth Sladen first became famous for playing Doctor Who's assistant Sarah Jane in the BBC TV series Doctor Who back in the 1970s.

She first appeared as journalist Sarah Jane with the third Doctor in 1973, and she went on to help the fourth Doctor too.

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Jon Pertwee as The Doctor

The BBC spokesman said: "We can confirm that no new episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be filmed following the tragic death of actress Elisabeth Sladen in April, 2011.

"As a tribute to Elisabeth the six episodes that were recorded with her last year will be broadcast on CBBC at a date to be confirmed."