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Last Updated: Thursday May 05 2011 06:32 GMT

Word War I's Claude Choules dies aged 110

Claude Choules when he was in the Navy and in 2009
Claude Choules when he was in the Royal Navy and in 2009

The last person known to have served in World War I has died, aged 110.

Claude Choules, known to his friends as Chuckles, lied about his age to join the Royal Navy at just 15.

Mr Choules served in the military during World War II until leaving in 1956. He remembered WWI as a "tough" life, with moments of extreme danger.

The granddad, who made his home in Australia, become a champion for peace and refused to march in parades marking wars.

Mr Choules is thought to have died in his sleep at a nursing home in his hometown of Perth.

The last three WWI veterans living in Britain - Bill Stone, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch - all died in 2009.