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Last Updated: Wednesday May 04 2011 15:26 GMT

Cat's photos to be be in exhibition

Sonali finds out about the cat who's a photographer

It's not a cat nap, it's more like a cat's snaps! A three-legged cat is to have her photographs put on show.

The owner of the moggy, called Nancy Bean, attached a special camera to the cat's collar which took pictures throughout the day.

The best of the images are being displayed at a photography exhibition in France in the summer.

Her owner said some pictures are a bit blurry because Nancy Bean lost a leg in an accident when she was a kitten.

The photos were done as part of a university project - but were spotted by a top photographer who decided they should be in the French show.

Owner Christian Allen, from Devon, said the photos showed "little snippets of the every day".

He said lots of his friends had asked if they could borrow the camera to put it on their cats.