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Last Updated: Wednesday May 04 2011 12:34 GMT

Amazing pictures of garden animals!

David Chapman's photo

This amazing photo of a tadpole underwater was taken by David Chapman and won first prize in the wildlife section of the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Radim Schreiber's photo

This photo shows fireflies zooming around a pool in America. It won Radim Schreiber second prize.

Olegas Kurasovas' photo

Here a grasshopper is rubbing its legs together to make the famous buzzing sound. Olegas Kurasovas picked up third prize for the snap taken in Lithuania.

Jamie Unwin's photo

The Young Garden Photographer of the Year award was won by 15-year-old Jamie Unwin who snapped this friendly mouse standing on some wheat in the corner of his garden.

Nikki de Gruchy's photo

A rabbit hopped into this photo to steal the show! It was taken by Nikki de Gruchy in Buckinghamshire.

Kin Corning's photo

This shot of a robin was taken on a frosty morning in Surrey Hills by Kin Corning.

Pawel Bieniewski's photo

This caterpiller crawling across a leaf was caught by Pawel Bieniewski in a garden in Poland.

William Fisher's photo

This spooky snap is the skin of a leafhopper insect. When insects grow they have to shed their skin and this amazing one was left on a leaf. It was taken by William Fisher.

Brad Mailer's photo

This 'amazing animal' is the daughter of photographer Brad Mailer. The photo won first prize in the People in the Garden category.