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Last Updated: Thursday May 05 2011 15:10 GMT

PICTURES: Awesome sand sculptures

Dinosaur sand sculpture

It might seem like dinosaur bones, but look closer - it's all carved out of sand!

Dinosaur sand sculpture

It's one of lots of creations at Sandworld in Weymouth, Dorset.

Boat sand sculpture

Each of these huge masterpieces took 10 days to carve.

Boat sand sculpture

Weymouth beach sand is very fine and the sand sculptors working on these creations think it's the best beach sand in the world.

Pirate sand sculpture

These pirates were made by American Brad Goll who's been sand sculpting professionally for over 30 years!

Pirate sand sculpture

The sand has to be prepared first by mixing it with water and then compacting it together - it's then ready for some serious sculpting action!

Fish sand sculpture

Preparation took between one and three days for each of these creations. It's really important that it's done right to make sure the sculptures stay strong and don't crumble away!

Mermaid and fish sand sculpture

Karen Fralich, who made this piece, started sculpting when she was just 14 years old.

Mermaid sand sculpture

This underwater scene was made with 100 tons of sand - that's the weight of about 11 big elephants!