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Last Updated: Friday April 29 2011 12:28 GMT

Royal wedding day: behind the scenes with Newsround

Newsround at the royal wedding

See how the day unfolded with Sonali and Ricky reporting in London, and Leah at a party in Kate's home village.

Friday, 1325

Prince William and his new wife step out onto the famous balcony at Buckingham Palace, and wave to the huge crowds of well-wishers lining the streets outside.

Kate whispers to her husband: "wow" - she's clearly amazed at the whole experience. They're soon joined by the other members of their families.

A huge cheer rings out as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share a kiss.

Prince William kisses his new wife on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Friday, 1315

Ricky says: The constant drone from the helicopters flying above Buckingham Palace is giving me a headache!

Friday, 1240

Leah Gooding

Leah says: Sending Bucklebury footage back to TVC in London - lots of kids have seen Kate around in the past!

(Leah's at a party in Kate Middleton's home village of Bucklebury in Berkshire.)

Friday, 1225

Ricky says: Sitting in a BBC satellite truck enjoying the wedding on 5 different TV screens!

Ricky in a satellite truck

Friday, 1120

The Archbishop of Canterbury has just pronounced Prince William and Kate Middleton husband and wife!

Prince William and Kate Middleton at the altar

Friday, 1100

Sonali says: Newsround had an amazing view of Kate entering the Abbey. Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey, with her father Michael and her maid of honour, younger sister Pippa. What a dress!

Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey

Friday, 1020

Sonali says: just seen the groom enter the Abbey! (Can you spot him? clue: look above my head!)

Sonali at Westminster Abbey

Friday, 0945

Sonali says: my headpiece for the big day.

Sonali's head piece

Friday, 0943

Ricky says: So here's what Sonali is wearing for the wedding day.

Sonali in her wedding outfit

Friday, 0940

Ricky says: Staying bang up to date with all the guests going in and out of Westminster Abbey.

Ricky looking dapper

Friday, 0935

Leah says: We're here in Bucklebury village and this is how the ducks are celebrating.

Ducks celebrate the royal wedding

Friday, 0931

Ricky says: Sonali and me LIVE on CBBC channel at Westminster Abbey this morning.

Sonali and Leah broadcasting live

Friday, 0932

Leah says: And this is my dress!

Leah in her dress

Friday, 0930

Leah says: Just arrived at Bucklebury village - here are some Morris dancers.

Morris dancers

Friday, 0830

Leah says: William and Kate Middleton will be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

William and Kate

Friday, 0800

Ricky says: I'm cold!

Friday, 0750

Ore says: Royal wedding countdown! Newsround line up of Sonali, Leah and Ricky on it all day, three of the best dressed folks on telly.

Friday, 0745

Ricky says: I've got my Newsround backpack with vital supplies! Water and all kind of super energy foods!

Ricky's backpack

Friday, 0630

Sonali says: We now know Prince William will get married in a red Irish Guards tunic.

Friday, 0600

Sonali says: Kate Middleton will apparently do her own make up today. Very impressive.

Friday, 0525

Sonali says: Was here less than 20 seconds when I heard these screaming Newsround fans who've been here since 3am!

Sonali with lots of Newsround fans

Friday, 0520

Leah says: Dress. Check. Hat. Check. I'm ready for the Bucklebury Street Party! And no sight of any rain!

Friday, 0515

Ricky says: Lots of cabbies in London hanging out flags from their windows.

Friday, 0500

Sonali says: Been up for an hr already getting ready for the royal wedding.