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Last Updated: Friday April 29 2011 16:09 GMT

Royal wedding: Your pics of your celebrations

Grace, Sam and Micah

Here are some of YOUR pictures of street parties, family fun and right royal knees-ups! Grace, Sam and Micah, all five, had a royal wedding party at their school.

Pippa, four, at her school's royal wedding party

Pippa, four, was also at the royal wedding party at her school in west London - check out those YUMMY cakes!

Pupils at Midfield Primary School, Orpington

Pupils at Midfield Primary School in Kent had a right royal party. They spent three days preparing - and their party included speeches! We think it looks SPLENDID!

Georgia, 10

Georgia, 10, made a William and Kate out of boiled eggs for a competition. We LOVE their horse-drawn carriage!

Addison Primary School's royal parade

More than 400 pupils at Addison Primary School in west London took part in a special royal wedding parade. Nice banner!

Addison Primary School's royal parade

The kids had spent the week learning about the royal family, making flags, crowns and cakes. They even had a game of polo.

Buckingham Palace

Two members of the Newsround team, Jo and Sunita, decided to camp out along with the thousands of other well wishers! This is their view this morning.

Manchester Airport nursery party

A nursery at Manchester Airport had a party yesterday in celebration of the royal wedding.

Manchester Airport nursery party

They sent a letter to the Queen and she sent them a reply!

Miranda's drawing of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Miranda, 9, from Lancashire has made this fabulous picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Nice one!

Connor and Kara aged 9 and 12 are celebrating in style with these crazy wigs!

Connor and Kara aged 9 and 12 are celebrating in style with these crazy wigs!

Verity's dog

Verity sent us this lovely pic of her dog Button enjoying the day.

baby Raphael

Here's baby Rafael clutching a pic of the new couple. He's only four months old!

Baby James

And it seems to be all about the four month old babies! Here's James relaxing on a Union Jack cushion.

Miniature horse

Even the animals are celebrating...!

Juliet in her wedding dress

Once Juliet's mum saw Kate's wedding dress, she started sewing one just like it herself - and here it is!