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Last Updated: Thursday April 28 2011 17:41 GMT

Royal wedding: the event as it unfolds

Newsround at the royal wedding

Sonali and Ricky are out and about in London, bringing you everything you need to know about the royal wedding - and Leah's off to a street party!

Keep coming back to this page for updates from them, gossip from behind the scenes, plus news of what's been going on.

Thursday, 1725

Ricky says: It's been a long day! Tune in to the CBBC channel tomorrow at 0755 to see more.

Thursday, 1645

Sonali says: Here's Ricky borrowing my mirror to make sure he looks his best for Newsround on BBC One.

Ricky uses Sonali's mirror

Thursday, 1615

Sonali says: So this is my chosen outfit for tonight's Newsround. When else will I get to wear such a fairytale T-shirt?

Sonali and her lovely T-shirt

Thursday, 1600

Ricky says: Just arrived at Westminster Abbey ahead of our live show at 5pm so going through the script with Sonali

Ricky and Sonali go through their scripts

Thursday, 1520

Sonali says: There are people from all over the world outside Buckingham Palace, all queueing up very orderly!

Queues for royal wedding views

Thursday, 1500

Ricky says: ROYAL WEDDING EXCLUSIVE! I've just met Wills and Kate!

Ricky with Will and Kate lookalikes

Thursday, 1445

Sonali says: On my way to Westminster Abbery to meet Ricky and the crew. Newsround will be coming live from there at 5pm on BBC One.

Thursday, 1430

Ricky says: And this is Newsround studio at Buckingham Palace (only joking!)

Newsround's shed! (JOKE!)

Thursday, 1330

Ricky says: Sending tape back to BBC TV Centre from this truck at Buckingham Palace.

Internal shot of a BBC broadcast truck

Thursday, 1230

Leah Gooding

Leah says: Tomorrow I'll be at a street party in Bucklebury, where the future Queen of Great Britain (yes, that's Kate Middleton!) grew up.

Thursday, 0930

Ricky Boleto

Ricky says: Morning! Back at Westminster Abbey this morning for more reports on the royal wedding - I would say there are at least 100 tents down here now. Will post pix later!

Wednesday, 2330

Sonali says: Will be presenting Newsround with Ricky from Westminster Abbey tomorrow. Great meeting NR fans outside Buckingham Palace today.

Sonali and Ricky outside Buckingham Palace

Wednesday, 1700

Ricky at Westminster Abbey

Ricky says: People have already started camping out and a massive rehearsal took place this morning. It's getting exciting.

Wednesday, 1430

Sonali says: And this is where we'll be broadcasting from once the ceremony is over. A great view of the palace!

Royal wedding media stand

Wednesday, 1330

Sonali says: Just got to Buckingham Palace. Here's the structure that will house some of the world's media.

Royal wedding broadcasting spot for Newsround